About Us - Espanya

Hey there, my name is Stephen Locke and its awesome to welcome you to my Espanya website. In reality I'm actually a carpenter by trade and I began developing and building websites almost 11 years ago. Something of an extreme transformation it may seem however I fell into it quite easily and at present it just is "what I do". While in some instances I build internet sites merely for fun, I do naturally additionally try to earn a bit of money from it (to meet the cost of domain names etc). The truth is I find it a fascinating challenge, brainstorming concepts and putting them into practice.

I have no idea about yourself, but I have definitely become frustrated with persistent promotions and advertising shoved in my face on sites, constant pop-up windows offering junk I would not want and newsletters I will not read through, and having to register or logon to do anything at all on the majority of websites, which means my email is gonna get the crap spammed out of it and I am going to have to spend my valuable time every single day getting rid of all this rubbish. I bet you feel just the same don't you? Perhaps you'll not feel that way having visited this website.

Well, while you will view some promotional material here, it's not shoved down your throat, you'll not have to put up with any pop-ups, you definitely will not be requested to join or login and you will certainly not get any crappy newsletters or emails. This website isn't dynamic so stuff will not move around or take ages to load.

Easy to use, simple sites have constantly been my objective, having pages that are quick loading and which doesn't feature rubbish that you do not want. I am hopeful that I've achieved that here and at least you will not have been irritated by your visit here, possibly you'll even have got some benefit from the experience. If so then I have succeeded in my goal.

I would love to to see you here again sometime soon and thanks a lot once more for visiting.