Garrucha - Costa Almeria

Garrucha Almeria, get information for the town and view a road map of Garrucha, Spain.

Map of Garrucha and Guide to the Costa Almeria Town

Garrucha Almeria: Above you can see a map of Garrucha a fishing town and resort on the coastline known as the Costa Almeria within the autonomous region of Andalucia. On this Garrucha map you can also see Puerto Rey, Las Marinas and Vista de Los Angeles Runima. Garrucha is around 75 km from Almeria airport, the popular resort of Mojacar is about 8 km from Garrucha.

Garrucha has a population of about 8,600, a municipal area of 8 square kilometres, and the postcode for Garrucha is 04630.

Zoom in for Garrucha streets (ie: Calle Miradores, Av el Puerto, Calle Cervantes), and Garrucha town centre map.